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With more than 100 million registered members, eBay is the worlds' largest online marketplace and Storage2cash4u can help you sell items in thousands of categories. Some examples include:

What Can I Sell?

Antiques, toys and collectibles Designer clothing, shoes and accessories Electronics (computers, mp3 players, etc.)
Digital & Vintage Cameras Event Tickets - Sports, Concerts, etc. Designer jewelry and watches
Entertainment memorabilia Musical instruments Sports equipment and memorabilia
Cars vehicle parts & accessories  

Here at Storage2cash4u, we look for items that a have an expected eBay value of $100 or more. Note: All items that we accept for sale must also be legal for sale on eBay (no counterfeits, hazardous materials, etc.). Please see the full list of eBay's restricted items for details. To prevent the sale of stolen goods, we require that you present a driver's license or other government-issued photo ID when dropping off your items.

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