GoldToCash4U Parties or Fundraising Events:

  • Our GoldToCash4U Party events will put the fun into your next party or fundraising event for any non-profit organization (local schools, churches, hospitals, favorite charities, etc.). Our gold recycling service can at times pay more than double the money that many jewelry stores and TV gold buyers are offering for unwanted or broken gold jewelry. We can discreetly purchase any unwanted gold at a GoldToCash4U Party event. Each GoldToCash4U Party Guest goes home with CASH! Now that's fun! If it's a fundraising event, your non-profit organization will receive 10% (or more, if desired) of the total GoldToCash4U Party event sales.


A GoldToCash4U Party representative will come to your home or office with a gold tester, loupe, and scale to test each GoldToCash4U Party Guest's gold. A no-pressure offer is made and then the GoldToCash4U Party Guest is free to choose whether to accept our offer to sell their gold or not. GoldToCash4U Party Guests leave your party WITH CASH instead of spending any – all in a safe, friendly, and fun environment. As an added bonus, the GoldToCash4U Party Host receives a percentage of the event sales and a thank you gift. Contact us today to set up a GoldToCash4U Party for your friends, family, colleagues or as a non-profit organization fundraiser for your favorite charity.



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